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Purchase Order Services

Go Ahead Funding purchase order financing are great for small businesses that have purchase orders, but cannot execute due to lack of funds. Differing from traditional business lines of credit, purchase ordering financing has an easy approval process and can be set up in a short amount of time. Businesses looking for purchase order services must have purchase orders from a credible commercial client or government entity.

Advantages of Purchase Order Services

Funding for purchase orders is a financing option that allows businesses to accept all purchase orders, despite their current available capital. Purchase order financing is a great resource for companies that have depleted their available budget or other financing options. This type of financing allows businesses to fund 100 percent of supplier fees, allowing them to offer a larger volume of orders. Even more, PO financing has no autocratic limits like traditional bank finance options, and is ultimately tied to the direct sales of the business. Purchase order financing is the ideal financing for small businesses that sell third party products like resellers, distributors, or wholesalers and are rapidly expanding.


In order to quality for PO funding from Go Ahead Funding, business must meet the following benchmarks:

  • Must distribute or resell products
  • Must have a government or commercial customer base
  • Must accrue no less than $$20,000 in sales, monthly

If your business manufactures products or sells a service directly, rather than outsourcing, please consult our invoice factoring finance options.

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